Paint Correction & Paint Enhancement

Paint Enhancement starting @ $350 - Single Stage Paint Correction starting @$500

Paint Correction Vs. Paint Enhancement

Experience the ultimate transformation with our paint correction services at Ake Ake Detailing. Paint correction is a meticulous process aimed at eradicating those pesky imperfections and scratches that mar your vehicle’s clear coat. Utilizing state-of-the-art electric polishers, precision microfiber buffing pads, and specially formulated cutting compounds, our skilled detailers expertly address each blemish, restoring your paint to its pristine glory.

But do you know the difference between paint enhancement and paint correction? Paint enhancements are ideal for single-stage paint, delicate finishes, or showroom-ready vehicles. While effective, they offer a temporary solution, necessitating repeated applications. On the other hand, paint correction is a lasting remedy, requiring minimal maintenance unless the vehicle is neglected.

Our paint correction services come in various stages to suit your needs:

  • Single Stage Removal: Achieving a remarkable 50-60% removal of imperfections.
  • 2-Stage Removal: Elevating the shine with an impressive 70-80% correction rate.
  • 3-Stage Removal: Reaching the pinnacle of perfection with approximately 90% correction.

Please note, that individual results may vary.

At Ake Ake Detailing, we understand that every vehicle is unique. That’s why all our paint correction and ceramic coating treatments begin with a personalized, in-person consultation. During this assessment, we evaluate your paint’s condition, discerning the most suitable treatment and coating based on your maintenance preferences, exposure to environmental elements, budget considerations, and warranty requirements.

Experience the difference with Ake Ake Detailing—where excellence meets precision.

Don’t Try This at Home

Unlike clay bar, which cleans contaminants from the paint, paint correction uses a precision abrasive technique to remove that minuscule layer of damaged clear coat – about 1/100th of the thickness of a sheet of typing paper, followed by a skillful machine buffing, to bring the surface back to a high gloss.

This highly specialized detailing technique is known as Paint Correction, and if it sounds hazardous, it is if performed by anyone but a skillfully trained detailer and paint correction specialist!

Before After

Believe it or not, much of the paint correction work Ake Ake Professional Detail performs is correcting mistakes like holograms, swirl marks, and burned paint, caused by inexperienced detailers wielding a power buffer! Lack of understanding or experience at paint correction can do more harm than good to the exterior of your vehicle.

Kelly Mankin is certified in detailing and Paint Correction. Not only is she trained on how to correctly measure the thickness of the paint so he can determine how much clear coat to safely remove, but he is also properly trained and equipped with the finest, safest, and most effective professional equipment to ensure she does not burn the paint during the finely-tuned polishing process.

The result is a shine often more brilliant than it was the day you drove it off the showroom floor!

Speaking of Which …. New Cars Often Need Paint Correction Too!

Your new vehicle, even expensive sports cars and exotics, are mostly painted by automated machines and robots at the manufacturer. This process leaves plenty of room for uneven paint and holograms caused by the process.

On its way to the car lot or showroom, your new vehicle has been exposed to all types of unsavory contamination like railway dust and freight debris. Many new vehicles are left sitting for some time in storage where they pick up environmental contaminants.

Once they arrive at the dealership, they are placed outdoors on the lot or driven onto the showroom floor where they are manhandled by trucking companies, automotive service technicians, sales representatives, and a slew of potential buyers, long before you signed the papers!

Before After

Classic Automobiles and Single-stage Paint

Cars and trucks built before the clear coat era have what we call “single-stage paint”. Kelly Mankin is also trained in the proper use of tools and products that will restore old paint and bring it back to its original luster.

Visit our page on Classic Restoration to get more information on how to restore an aging or neglected vehicle to blue ribbon status at the next classic car show!