Only about 12% of car owners have their vehicles detailed, but at Ake Ake Professional Detailing, we find that to be a result of a lot of misinformation about what maintaining your vehicle at a high level of care means.

People who drive new vehicles believe their new car is perfect and does not need a detail. People who drive older vehicles, think nothing short of a paint job will restore the shine. Some people simply do not realize how dirty your vehicle is on the interior, even if you run it through the car wash and quick vac it regularly. And others just look at the cost of detailing as an expense, rather than an investment.

People pay more for their vehicles these days and they generally finance them over a longer time period. This puts a lot of pressure and responsibility on the car owner to take care of their cars and trucks – something most people do not have time to do.

Detailing by definition is cleaning and maintaining a vehicle at a “like new” level of clean, both inside and outside.

Here are four of the most common reasons people do not have their vehicles detailed and four reasons why every car owner should have their vehicles detailed on a regular basis!

After setting the record straight – give Kelly Mankin a call and let’s get you into a “Clean Routine” that will have you driving and riding on freshly cleaned seats and carpets, dust-free dashboards and consoles, and a shiny exterior that will make a vehicle 10 years old or more, look like brand new. Oh and, routine detailing guarantees that you get more for your vehicle when you sell or trade it in! 

Kelly Interior

Detailing is an expensive car wash, isn't it?

Don’t you believe it! Detailing is like preventative medicine for your automotive investment! Much like a doctor monitors your health and offers advice, remedies and even the occasional medicine or procedure to keep you healthy, a detailer does the same for your vehicle!

Kelly hand-washes and dries your vehicle using soft microfiber towels to prevent scratches, streaks and water spots. This up close and personal approach ensures that she detects and monitors any potential problems like fading, oxidation, or the build up of contaminants on the paint surface.

Kelly also cleans and maintains your interiors and offers numerous products and services to prevent and remove bad odors, stains, and keep your hard surfaces dust and scuff-free within a healthy, sterile environment.

Dark Red Truck

Does my new car or truck need detailed?

Contrary to popular belief, new car paint is rarely perfect! Because car manufacturers use robotic painters, the paint itself is often uneven in spots and often has swirls and holograms that slightly distort but over time, worsen and leave behind imperfections in the paint. Furthermore, it is a treacherous journey your vehicle makes to your new car dealership.

Most vehicles make the trip via rail or highway transport where they are exposed to the same if not more road and rail debris than the average driver. Cars often sit for months in an outdoor storage facility where they are exposed to the elements, and once it arrives at the dealership, your new car has been manhandled by service technicians, salespeople, and numerous potential buyers before you drove it home!

If you can get into a “Clean Routine” from the time you buy the car until the day you sell or trade it, you will find that your new car will maintain that new car look and smell for years to come!

Dirty Steering Wheel

How dirty is the inside of your vehicle, really?

Regardless of how conscientious you are about caring for your vehicle, life happens inside. Everything you touch before getting into your vehicle goes onto the steering wheel, console, dashboard, and control buttons. Everything you bring into your vehicle whether it is clothing, a purse, a piece of equipment, or a grocery bag, brings with it, dirt, debris, and whatever is attached to it.

No matter how hard you try not to spill, drop, or splash food and drink in your vehicle, the day always comes when you have to slam on the brakes and the foam on that cafe latte splashes over the side or the fast food restaurant overfills your soda cup and it dribbles over the side into the cup holder.

We often say that the inside of your vehicle is dirtier than a public toilet because a public toilet gets cleaned every night. You do not have to clean your vehicle every day, but a Clean Routine of detailing will scour those surfaces, while Kelly can introduce you to protective products like dressings and coatings that protect your interiors from deterioration and repel dirt and spills before they have a chance to embed themselves.


Detailing can't save my dull, ugly car or truck

You will be amazed at what a certified detailer like Kelly Mankin can do to revive your shine and revitalize your worn and stained interiors! She is not just a detailer but a paint correction specialist who uses a highly advanced abrasive technique to remove a nano-amount of scarred clear coat, and then machine polish it out so the brilliance of your paint can shine through. As long as there is no rust present, Kelly can repair dull and oxidized paint to a shine that is often more brilliant than it was originally.

Kelly uses European steam cleaning and odor removal techniques to extract even the most disgusting and severe odor-causing bacterial stains, from urine and vomit, to gas and oil, juice, coffee, and mud stains from interiors..

Remember, few of those blue ribbon winners at the car shows win because the vehicle was always maintained – most of the time they have been revitalized by an experienced and highly-trained professional like Kelly!